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A’la Qadri Ahli Ala’zm

A’la Qadri Ahli Ala’zm
A’la Qadri Ahli Ala’zm

by:Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari,
ISBN: 9789927118470
Format: Hard cover
Published: 2 July 2015

With a career in international politics and diplomacy that spans decades, Dr. Hamad Al-Kuwari offers his unique perspective to the complex political and social issues facing Qatar and the Arab world. A mixture of personal stories and professional biography, A’la Qadri Ahli Ala’zm covers themes ranging from methods of negotiation to cultural diplomacy, education and the path to freedom. In doing so, Dr. Al-Kuwari not only delves deep into contemporary issues, but he also offers cultural solutions to pressing political dilemmas seen in both the Middle East and the world at large, such as injustice and intolerance. 

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