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Throwing Sparks

 Throwing Sparks
Throwing Sparks

by: Abdo Khal,
Format: Paperback
Published: 22 November 2012


  • Winner of the 2010 International Prize for Arabic Fiction
  • Author is a hard-‐hitting and controversial novelist
  • Banned in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan


When a luxurious residence is built on the Jeddah waterfront not far from young Tariq’s neighborhood, Tariq and his friends dream of employment in the palace to escape their world of petty crime and unrelenting cruelty. But the debauched palace is ruled over by the ruthless Master whose influence in the city is as wide as it is pernicious. Thanks to his early sexual exploits, Tariq is given the job of punishing the enemies of the Master through terrible acts, all captured on film, in an escalating nightmare of horror. Over the years Tariq finds himself unable to escape a cycle of fear and sensuous pleasures, until he can take no more.

About the Author

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1962, Abdo Khal studied political science and began his career as a preacher before becoming a primary school teacher. He turned to writing as a way of attacking the corruption of the wealthy in the Arab world. Khal describes his novels as being about ‘sex, politics and religion... the things that make up people’s lives’.

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