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Learning a Living (Hbk)

Learning a Living (Hbk)
Learning a Living (Hbk)

Published: 20130103

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Section 1: How work and workforces are changing in the 21st century

Section 2: How is the organisation of learning changing in response?

Section 3: The foundations: innovating how we acquire the right skills

Section 4: The development: innovating how we solve our problems

Section 5: The future: how we learn to create possibilities

Section 6: Learning for Life: Models and Messages

Section 7: Ensuring that we Learn Our Living
A timely contribution to the debate on the relationship between education, innovation, work and the workforce as unemployment figures continue to rise in many countries around the world. The subject matter is also pertinent...The book is highly engaging for the general reader and is expected to instigate debate, creative thinking and action in the area of innovation in education.
This is the second title in a series co-published by WISE (World Innovation Summit on Education) and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing. Photographs by REZA.
Valerie Hannon is a Board Director of The Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in London. A former Director of Education in England, she is a specialist in innovation in education. She is a founder faculty member of the Global Education Leaders' Program, and has supported change programs in many jurisdictions. Valerie is a regular keynote speaker and facilitator at international conferences and workshops.

Sarah Gillinson is a Partner at The Innovation Unit, where she has led work on Radical Efficiency, a program that delivers different, better and lower cost public services. Sarah has formerly led work on the personalisation of learning for young people 'post-16', and the relationship between young people and the world of work.

Leonie Shanks is a Researcher and Project Coordinator at The Innovation Unit. She is the co-author of two Innovation Unit publications - 10 Schools for the 21st Century and 10 ideas for 21st Century Education, making the case for more innovative, responsive forms of education.

Reza, as he is widely known, has been a photojournalist for National Geographic since 1991, criss-crossing more than a hundred countries in order to photograph conflicts, revolutions and human catastrophes. His eyewitness testimony has been distributed through the international media, in numerous books, exhibitions and documentaries. Since 1983 Reza has initiated photographic training programmes around the world. In 2001 he founded Ainaworld, an NGO committed to informal visual education and the training of women in communication and information.

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