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HBKU Press Hosts a Literary Workshop, titled The Wealth of Minds for Educators Around Qatar

Doha, Qatar: Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press held a literary workshop titled The Wealth of Minds for educators and librarians from cooperating schools on 15 November 2018 in the Student Center in Hamad Bin Khalifa University that highlighted the importance of reading as a tool for developing young minds as critical thinkers and providing the basis for mental exercise that helps develop the brain.

“The goal of this workshop is to provide these teachers, librarians, and administrators with the tools they need to be able to identify the power that literature has in informing and shaping minds,” explains Muneera Saad Al-Romaihi, Community Outreach Specialist at HBKU Press. “HBKU Press is committed to providing these workshops in line with our mandate to provide valuable resources and training opportunities for the wider community.”

The workshop was led by Latifa Al Ghanem, a former supervisor at the Ministry of Education and Certified Human Development Trainer at IllafTrain (The HR Development Leader). She explored the concept that the human mind is the true source of wealth and that we should treasure the knowledge makes us wealthier than any material goods. She went on to explain how to use the wealth of mind in practice and demonstrated the importance of reading in our lives.

“I was very happy when HBKU Press approached me to deliver this workshop,” explained Al Ghanem. “I’ve given so many workshops but the ones that are truly successful are those that meet a need in the community. As I was presenting I could see the engagement and interest of the attendees so I was happy to help contribute to the knowledge of educators in Qatar.”

Moza Al Mohannadi, from Al Nahdha Primary Girls School, attended the workshop to learn tips and tricks to encourage reading in her school.

“I really wanted to learn new ways of how to get children engaged in reading,” explained Al Mohannadi. “And my way of approaching this has changed after the workshop. As educators, we must foster a positive approach to reading among children and show them what they can gain by reading instead of approaching it is a task.

“Overall, the workshop was well planned and well executed and [Latifa’s] delivery of the information was interesting and engaging.”

This workshop is a part of a series of workshop that HBKU Press will host over the 2018-2019 school year.